“With Heat” Bodywash

"With Heat," by Montreal band Bodywash, is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'
"With Heat" Bodywash

Luminelle Recordings artists Bodywash, have shared their new single “With Heat,” the track is off their forthcoming release Comforter, out August 30th. Initially a guitar-driven indie rock tune Chris Steward wrote for a contest, “With Heat” took on new life when Rosie Long Decter broke the song into spare parts on a computer, slowing it down, changing the key, adding layer after layer until something entirely new emerged, and the song took its final form. Th

“‘With Heat’ began as something entirely different – a ‘90s alt-rock instrumental that Chris wrote in 2016 for a contest. We’d pretty much decided not to include it on the album, but in October 2017, while Chris was upstairs recording guitars for some of our other songs, I holed myself up in an empty room beneath the studio to break the track down to its bones. I changed the key, altered the chord progression, and overhauled the sound, aiming for something fuzzy and warm and wistful. The idea of reworking it had been floating around my head for months, but the whole thing actually happened in three days – I tracked the synths and vocals and then Chris did the guitars at 2am on our last night there.

The song comes from a feeling of being trapped – of returning to something you know is bad for you, whether that thing is a relationship or a place or a feeling (for me, it was all three). It gets at the tension between giving into a toxic situation and trying to forgive yourself for it, while still hoping for a way out.

When it came time to make a full-length album, Bodywash enlisted Nigel Ward to record the LP. However, the road to Comforter wasn’t easy. The recording process spanned two years and five recording studios, with the band constantly rewriting, reworking, and rearranging songs, until every note and tone felt exactly right. Drummer Ryan White joined the band mid-way through the recording process. “The album evolved as we were evolving as a band,” says Long Decter. “You can hear us grow and change with each song.” The final product was mixed by Taylor Smith and Austin Tufts of the band Braids, and was mastered by Evan Tighe.

Luminelle Recordings

1. Reverie
2. Twins
3. With Heat
4. Sunspots
5. Eye to Eye
6. Reprise
7. Paradisiac
8. Comforter
9. Another Plane

Live Dates

Aug 09 – Toronto, ON – Horseshoe Tavern %
Aug 10 – Montreal, QC – Bar Le Ritz %
Sept 01 – Montreal, QC – Diving Bell Social Club ( Album Launch / Hot Tramp Fest )
Oct 04 – Toronto, ON – Monarch Tavern ( Album Launch )

% with Mauno


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