“Windowpanes” By Jess Nolan

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Jess Nolan, has shared a new video “Window Panes”, a track off her forthcoming album 93, available July 21st via Ani DiFranco’s label Righteous Babe Records. The creator of the video took Jess’ drawings and paintings and animated them. Nolan is a multi-artist, and part of  Jenny Lewis‘ band and is an in-demand co-writer, vocalist. Nolan has aslo has toured with or lent her session talents to artists Joy Oladokun, Lydia Luce, Katie Pruitt, and more. Featuring backing vocals from artists Katie Pruitt and Kyshona.

Jess Nolan on “Window Panes” – “Back in summer of 2021, I picked up an old beater guitar that had been collecting dust on my wall. I’ve been a piano player my whole life but something about strumming in open tuning helped me tap into a childlike state to channel ‘Windowpanes.’ It came through after a heated phone call with a friend about a political topic that we vehemently disagreed on,” Jess recalls. “Talking to them felt like hitting a brick wall. This song is meant to be a meditation for finding common ground. It’s become a white flag for the difficult conversations we find ourselves in with people close to us. Empathy can be a window to understanding. To record it, I brought in my dear friends, Katie Pruitt and Kyshona, and we stood around one mic to sing the chorus – a call for unity in the face of so much divisiveness.”

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