WIN WIN Share New Track “Couch Paranoia”

WIN WIN Premieres new track "Couch Paranoia."

WIN WIN is the trio of Alex Epton, Chris Devlin, and Ryan Sciaino. The Brooklyn group Known for its diverse sounding first two records, WIN WIN now has released another album. Newly Recently to Arts & Crafts. WIN WIN’S first single of its “Couch Paranoia” blends a krautrock pattern anchoring the otherworldly call-and-response of robots, a soft grooved modulation of fine detail. Progressing away from the sample- and guest-heavy WIN WIN (2011), and the software-mind of Double Vision (2012). Backed by the psychedelic handclaps-and-lead-guitar of B-side “Waster”, WIN WIN’s most analog work yet is sealed. More Details on WIN WIN’s third full-length will be coming soon.

A group that presents itself first as lifelong friends, second as collaborators, and third as a band, WIN WIN has built its reputation on its far-ranging work as a production collective. Epton (xxx¢hange) and Devlin first met growing up in the early 90s, beginning their musical work together in 2004, serving as producer and DJ, respectively, in Baltimore party-rap outfit Spank Rock. The pair met Sciaino, also known as DJ/video artist Ghostdad, in 2006. With the creative triangle complete, complicated mix tapes soon evolved into the first WIN WIN album. Now set up at Flavor Factory studio in Sunset Park, WIN WIN in various combinations has produced music, visuals, or live shows for Prince Rama, Porter Robinson, The Kills, Peaches, and more, with official remix credits for Thom Yorke, Björk, TV On The Radio and on.


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