“Who Do You Think You Are” By Sad Night Dynamite

"Who Do You Think You Are" By Sad Night Dynamite is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The Uk duo's track is now out via DSPs
"Who Do You Think You Are" By Sad Night Dynamite is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Sad Night Dynamite have today unveiled new track ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’. The duo’s second preview of their upcoming debut album. Exploring themes of surveillance and self, identity and confusion, ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ sees Sad Night Dynamite push the limits of their sound and its cinematic-universe. The track’s hard-hitting 808s, ethereal strings and disorientating shifts summon a generational sense (say the boys) “of searching for personal identity. It’s a song about not knowing your place: the lyrics are erratic and nonlinear, which is a reaction to our environment. Clear thoughts come sporadically in a world quick to distract. The key message, ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’, is heard in different contexts, highlighting one’s inner battles and how the answer to that question is always different from one day to the next.”

‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ poses existential questions with, at least, one clear answer: increasingly, it’s impossible to mistake a Sad Night Dynamite song for anyone else. Glastonbury-born childhood friends Archie and Josh have won widespread praise, and built an impassioned global fanbase for their genre-defying work and disruptive spirit. Formative mixtapes Vol.I, Vol.II and collaborations with the likes of Moonchild Sanelly and IDK have touched a nerve with the band’s signature blend of surreal character-studies, waspish humour, and serious undertones. Connecting the unlikely dots between hip-hop, world-building pop and bugged-out storytelling, it’s all packaged up in an uncanny, AI-generated aesthetic that blurs the line between frivolous escapism and hellish dystopia.

For Sad Night Dynamite, salvation ultimately lies in the bonds between us. The ‘Godfather’ strapline – “family is forever” – reflects not only the cult-like bond between the boys themselves, but an anything-goes ecosystem in which they hope their audience can find some comfort. Inspired by the anarchic energy of acts like The KLF, such is Sad Night Dynamite’s commitment-to-the-bit that they even bought a limousine reminiscent of much of their early artwork on Facebook Marketplace (“it’s easy to hate, it’s flashy, it’s stupid, and it means very little. But if you’re on the inside, it’s great!”). In an apt but unintentional act of performance art, the band’s album-mascot has already blown a gasket and broken down amidst Somerset’s twisting country lanes, much to the fury of local residents.

Order Who Do YoU Think You Are HERE


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