“In My Ways” by Boy Days

Boy Days

Following the release of ‘Will You Still?’ which picked up plays from Amazing Radio and BBC Radio London, London-based trio Boy Days have unveiled the next sultry cut from their debut EP of the same name, ‘In My Ways’. Countless soul medleys and function band rehearsals later, this next taste is infused with a blissful concoction of nostalgia as Chris (vocals/guitar), Leo (keys/bass/backing vocals) and Dan (drums) look back fondly on their former years with each playful flourish.

Boy Days are very much indebted to those who have come before them, but there’s a remarkable flicker of greatness behind Chris’ unique poetry that’ll keep the words dancing on your mind for days to come.

Juxtaposed with a jubilant gospel organ and Chris’ 70s Soul Train era falsetto, new single ‘In My Ways’ portrays a menacing relationship of ‘cackling bedsprings’ and ‘sweat and ale’ as the brutal lover continues to get what he wants. The eerily dissonant harmonies give the track a foreboding undertone, but when the three-piece launch into a chorus of pure unadulterated soul, it’s clear there’s a core of incredibly strong songwriting at the heart of the band. Tastefully embracing a plethora of classic influences, from the likes of Suede to Jeff Lynne, Boy Days know exactly what they like and where they’re going with it.

‘In My Ways’, the new EP from Boy Days is out now.


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