Wardell Debut New Single “Domestic Sweater”

Wardell debut new single "Domestic Sweater"
Wardell "Domestic Sweater"

Wardell are comprised of brother and sister duo Sasha and Theo Spielberg. The New York/Los Angeles duo began playing music and shows in 2010, they describe their music as “shuffle pop.” Theo is drawn to punk and indie rock, Sasha more to classic rock and R&B. “It’s like we put our favorite music on shuffle and take it from there.” Over the last few years Wardell has performed with Vampire Weekend, Grimes, and Haim, and more. Today, the band have shared their new single “Domestic Sweater.”

“Domestic Sweater” will draw you in, on first listen, with the combination of Sasha’s smooth and warm vocals combined with Adam Gunther’s lush production, hit the ears perfectly. Just in case you were wondering, yes they are from that Spielberg family; the creativity and talent, has definitely been passed down. “Domestic Sweater” is off Wardell’s forthcoming release Impossible Falcon, out September 20th.

“This was definitely the song that snapped the rest of the album into focus but it took us a while to remember where it came from. We were finishing up a writing session and I was about to go home, and started fooling around with some chords, Sasha sat down at the piano and before we knew it we had the whole song pretty much finished. Nobody remembers what else we did that day.”


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