Ward debuts video for “Soothe the Soul”

Ward debuts video for "Soothe the Soul"
Ward "Soothe the Soul"

Los Angeles singer/songwriter Ward has had a busy year, writing dozens of new songs, along numerous live performances. Lately, Ward hasn’t slowed down, spending numerous hours in the studio creating new music, as well as engaging with fans to collaborate on songs by sending out raw tracks, lyrics and sounds via email.”It’s just better to be creating, sending, and listening all the time,” said Ward. “There’s so much more to gain from having great two-way dialogs with fans who love the same music I do.” Today sees the release of Ward’s brand new video for his single “Soothe the Soul”. “Soothe the Soul” once again demonstrates Ward’s strength as both singer and songwriter. Ward is kicking off the summer with a fundraiser show on July 20, 2018 at Molly Malone’s on Farifax Ave. in Los Angeles Fairfax. Special musical guests will be announced soon. Ticket proceeds will be donated to National Alliance on Mental Illness. (https://www.nami.org).

Ward’s songs are life lessons told from a place of regret and hope, invoking vulnerable biographies of his past and present experience. “Life tries to tell you who you should be, before you've even figured out who you are.", Ward explains. "This kind of pressure to conform is everywhere, all the time. Every day, I struggle and fight for my purpose, identity and meaning in an increasingly disconnected world. What else should I write songs about than this modern rebellion?" On the stage and in the studio, his band delivers a blend of modern rock, grunge, Manchester shoegazing and classic post-punk, the perfect platform for Ward’s broad and passionate vocals to connect with the audience.

Ward on the video for “Soothe the Soul”

This video was shot in one hectic day at my studio in Culver City, in between audio recordings for my next single. I didn’t have much outside inspiration making the video – it was a very personal song. I knew that the best way to do this would be simple, no gimmicks, and to just sing directly into the camera and feel these words that are very personal to me. Making it was easy too – the instruments were already there and lights were still set from the photo shoot the day before. The strobe light is actually just a faulty light in the studio that flashes if you don’t turn it on all the way. Of course yes, it had to have a great mood and feel and energy, but beyond that the hardest part was just deciding to have the courage to be filmed in a pretty raw way.



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