Soulwax have released a brand new video for ‘Do You Want to Get into Trouble?’. The video is the first from the band’s new studio album FROM DEEWEE, released in March.

Filmed in Paris, the video was directed by Thomas Subreville from III-Studio and stars French actor Phénix Brossard (Departure, The Edge).

David and Stephen say of the video:
“To continue our longstanding collaboration with Ill-Studio as art directors for our DEEWEE label and the Soulwax album and live show, it felt only normal to give them carte blanche for the first video from our new album. They took the song into an interesting direction and surprised once again.”

Director Thomas Subreville says of the video:
“It is about that specific time of life when you imagine being an amplified version of yourself : more rebel, more muscular, more dangerous, more experienced, more good-looking etc. But you are in fact a completely normal teenager in a normal world. This video is our visual interpretation of this idea of duality and contrast between your imagination as a teenager and the world you really live into.”

“Aside from our ongoing collaboration and friendship with the Dewaele brothers, Ill-Studio and Soulwax have in common to really enjoy exploring different creative fields or aesthetics, whether it’s about music, art or popular culture. After working on making the live, the album and Deewee click together for a year, we thought it was time to show something “unexpected”. For this video, we made a point of doing something different from what we’ve already done whether with Soulwax or Deewee, something more organic or let’s say ‘human’. That being said, it remains connected to the rest of the project through many references to Soulwax, Deewee or even 2ManyDj’s that we’ve been hiding here and there over the course of the video. Some will notice them and some won’t but whether you are a Dewaele enthusiast since day one or simply curious, we hope you’ll enjoy the result.”

The band recently curated a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, delivering an entire hour of brand new Soulwax material. The Mix was followed by a second hour of music dedicated to 2manydjs, featuring exclusive Soulwax and Deewee edits, making the session an absolute must for fans of either (or both) projects. For the very first time in the 20 year history of The Essential Mix, the music was written and created uniquely for Radio 1’s Essential Mix – featuring ‘Essential’ as a recurring theme throughout.

Since the creation of Soulwax in 1995, the Dewaele brothers have consistently pushed the boundaries into new and innovative territory. In addition to Soulwax, they continue to tour the globe as 2manydjs, have their DEEWEE record label and studio, Radio Soulwax – a visual radio station and app, the Despacio project with James Murphy and their 2 x 2 radio show on Beats 1. Not to mention producing some of the most cutting edge remixes we’ve seen in recent times for the likes of Warpaint, Tame Impala, Metronomy, Arcade Fire, Daft Punk, Gossip, Hot Chip, MGMT, and many more.


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