"Volcano" by Jungle Album Review by Ryan Meyer for Northern Transmissions.




Bumping, beachy music comes to convertible sound systems everywhere by way of British producer duo Jungle’s new fourth record, Volcano.

The album glistens and shines with bright, often tropical beats and group vocals that are technical in nature but effortless in stereo.

Volcano, which is due out August 11, was preceded by four singles, the most infectious of which is “I’ve Been In Love,” which features Channel Tres. Synth stabs lead the way on a beat that is so obviously comfortable and confident. It doesn’t go out of its way to accelerate, but its got enough swagger to maintain a speed faster than one may be accustomed to.

The tempo being perfect is great and all, but the music itself is also silky smooth. The refrain of “I’ve been in love” is repeated via group vocals, accentuated by various percussion effects and the exit and subsequent arrival of the aforementioned synth stabs.
Another guest that shines is the Dreamville rapper Bas, who gets the album closer, “Pretty Little Thing,” all to himself, taking advantage of the slower music to spin a tale of a past lover lost to time.

Brooklyn rapper and Flatbush Zombies producer Erick the Architect is also featured on the tight “Candle Flame,” the album’s lead single. His quick flow intertwines perfectly with the rapid funk guitar strumming that makes up the song’s melodic backbone. Jungle are very skilled at providing artists with palates for their strengths to shine throughout Volcano.

“Dominoes” is another of the four singles that stands out. It never transcends in ways that many dance songs do, mostly forgoing verses and choruses in lieu of some incredibly chill vibes, driven by a slinky, simple, funky guitar line.

Volcano arrives at a perfect time, soundtracking the end of summer in such a way that you could hear it on long vacation drives, or at barbecues, bonfires and the like. Jungle have created an album so fitting for this time of year, and the feeling associated with such a time, that it’s a lock to have its highlights blasting in backyards and backseats everywhere, splashed in sun and basking in rhythm.

Stream Volcano HERE.


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