Vanaprasta’s “NYF” gets remixed by Hands

Vanaprasta's "NYF" gets remixed by 'Hands'. Today, the band releases the version of their single. Vanaprasta will announce their upcoming 2014 tour dates.

Vanaprasta previously released the song “NYF” and now you can hear Hands’ remix of the track.

Armed with a modest collection of recording gear and a brand new perspective, Vanaprasta has spent the last year in their own studio in Echo Park writing, recording, and refining their second LP. The band decided to undertake the entirety of the recording process under their own control by producing, engineering, and mixing the album themselves.

On these songs, Vanaprasta decided to pit machines up against the organic; they experimented with newer digital and analog technology that allowed them to create mechanical sounds while keeping space for the guitars and melodies to call and respond with each other. Vanaprasta mixed the songs by doing live performance mixes on their console, with each band member mixing each of his instruments simultaneously.

The band has slowly been unveiling new material with one-offs over the fall and their recent January residency at Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles, but they will be touring throughout 2014.

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