“Uncertain” By Paws

PAWS are back with “Uncertain,” the final pre-release single from their forthcoming self-titled album, along with its accompanying video. PAWS’ self-titled album will be released on October 27 via Ernest Jenning Record Co. and the band’s own Wish Fulfillment Press. The album will be released on evergreen colored vinyl, as a Deluxe LP w/ 28 page zine, CD, cassette and digitally. The zine is a 28 page full color A5 zine with behind the scenes studio photos and artwork.

On “Uncertain” the band’s Phillip Jon Taylor says: “It’s a song about Uncertainty! In one’s self, one’s abilities, one’s mood, one’s health, one’s whatever else. It’s also about feeling ashamed and guilty for over sharing, extroverting and alienating yourself.

The week that Josh and I were simultaneously writing and tracking at the house, we were just changing guitars and sounds for whatever riff it suited. This one was the third track we did and came from picking up my battered Jaguar that I haven’t used in a minute.

I love the dynamics in this one. It’s kinda moody/broody and then has a Teenage Fanclub-esque (I wish) chorus. The guitar solo, which I rarely indulge, is kinda cool on this one though, and one of my favourite moments on the record for sure.”

PAWS have announced a UK co-headlining tour with labelmates Worriers and headline shows in select markets. All upcoming shows are listed below. Following the release of their fourth LP, 2019’s Your Church On My Bonfire, PAWS – the Scottish DIY indie rock songwriting partnership of Phillip Jon Taylor and Joshua Swinney, toured briefly, and as the world began to shut down, they slipped out of sight. Phillip retreated north to the Highlands where he focused on his painting, solo work and the rewarding demands of fatherhood. Josh headed south to London, pursuing his other passion as a chef at the highly acclaimed Plimsoll.

Having missed playing together for too long, a plan was set and in October 2022 Josh travelled to Phillip’s home studio in his Crofters cottage where work began on the band’s fifth self-titled LP. Relying on a set of phone demos and chemistry honed after years on the road the songs came together surprisingly fast.

“Remembering just how much we enjoyed writing and recording together was the driving force” explains Josh. After recording previously with both Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus and Frightened Rabbit’s Andy Monaghan, the band once again seized control of production duties as they had on their second album, Youth Culture Forever. “The thing we were hoping to achieve with making this album was to be able to be creatively free and to have fun writing and recording” Josh continues. “We wanted it to happen quickly and not be a stagnant process.” Utilising all they had learned and adding their own DIY ethos into the mix, the music was done in a week. Josh headed home and Phillip set to work on the lyrics.


1. Helen Back
2. Plans
3. Uncertain
4. One Nation Under DOG
5. Unfiltered
6. Sound Aye No Bother
7. Elemental Attributes
8. Starf***ers
9. S.A.H.D
10. Disenchanted



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