Bless This Mess by U.S. Girls album review by Lucas Jones for Northern Transmissions


Bless This Mess

U.S. Girls

Amidst the sonic tapestry woven by U.S. Girls – a musical project led by the dynamic Meg Remy – lies an evolution spanning seven albums, drawing influences from a medley of genres, including pop, R&B, and soul. In her eighth offering, Bless This Mess, Remy embarks on a subversive journey inspired by her pregnancy with twins, weaving a soundscape of funky disco beats and reflective ballads. The result is an album that brings a mixtape feel, beckoning dancefloors to sway to its rhythm.

Remy casts her net of collaborators wide, drawing on a range of influences for this latest opus. The album’s opening track, “Only Daedalus,” showcases daydreamy, layered synths, creating a sonic canvas to complement Remy’s smooth, soulful vocals. The song casts Greek mythical characters in a modern-day argument about pride and arrogance. The album itself flits between introverted ballads such as “Bless This Mess” and the album’s zenith, “Tux (Your Body Fills Me, Boo)” – an all-out funk stomper narrated from the perspective of a discarded tuxedo. With a diversity that caters to all ears without ever leaving the listener behind, “Screen Face” takes us back to the dark days of lockdown and the awkwardness of dating via Zoom, while “Futures Bet” challenges the listener to accept life, despite its many unanswerable questions.

Despite the warm and rich instrumentation and production, which make one lose themselves in the grooves, Bless This Mess is, at its core, a deeply personal album about the adjustments and changes motherhood brings. Recorded during her pregnancy, the songs evolved and were suffused by the physicality her body was going through, resulting in an authentic experience for the listener. The album’s closing track, “Pump,” poetically marks the end of labor, acting as a time capsule and a dedication to the new lives of her twins.

Without a doubt, the star of Bless This Mess is Remy’s dynamic vocal delivery, a testament to her exceptional talent as a vocalist and lyricist. With a less gifted musician at the helm, the album’s number of genres and influences would be overwhelming. But Remy rises like a phoenix reborn, delivering an album that is both cohesive and remarkable.

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