“U & M E” Bloods

Marihuzka Cornelius AKA MC, Gutarist/singer for Australian band Bloods, grew up on a steady diet of Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Mudhoney. So, it was pretty cool to travel to Jack Endino’s Sound House to record their Ep Seattle (Nirvana’s Bleach), with Steve Fisk on production and mixing duties (Soundgarden and Mudhoney) and using the very amp Kurt Cobain played through on his band’s debut record. Bloods have released a video for “U & M E” of their Ep Seattle, which arrives May 15TH, via Share It Music. The group have played shows with The Preatures, Veruca Salt, WAVVES, Sleater-Kinney, Peaches, Cloud Nothings, Alex Lahey and Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever.

So what do you do when your teenage fantasy becomes reality and the city you’ve loved from afar starts loving you back? You do what any self-respecting 90s tragic would do and dedicate your EP to it, just as MC and her bandmates Dirk Jonker (drums) and Mike Morgan (guitar, bass and backing vocals) in Bloods have done on their free-spirited new EP, Seattle.

Bloods’ idiosyncratic take of The Smiths’ classic “Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others”, which closes out the EP, reclaims it as a feminist anthem. “I know Morrissey is cancelled,” MC laughs. “But sung from a female perspective this song almost takes on this completely new meaning. As most women know, you literally spend half your life thinking about your weight and thinking about being a certain size and I just love what a literal view it has on something that ruins people’s lives. It felt empowering to sing about it in such a detached way. Like, who cares?!”


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