“Turn” by Colin Newman

On January 26, 2024 Colin Newman will re-release his 1997 album Bastard on swim. The album will be released digitally, as a double CD featuring four previously unreleased tracks and on limited edition, Bio Vinyl. Today, Colin Newman is sharing a new edit of “Turn.”

On the song, Colin Newman says: “Jungle / Drum & Bass was the true sound of mid-90’s London – even if the ‘industry’ and its apologists wanted you to believe it was Brit pop. “Turn,” the sole vocal track on Bastard, on which Malka sang instead of me, can be viewed as a creative riposte by us to the sad regurgitation of my own work from 20 years earlier by Elastica et al. Malka & I have always believed in the long game..”

Bastard Track Listing:

LP & CD1
1. Sticky
2. May
3. Slowfast (falling down the stairs with a drumkit)
4. Without
5. g-deep
6. Spaced In
7. Spiked
8. The Orange House & the Blue House
9. Turn

1. Automation
2. Faq
3. Voice
4. Output
5. The Narrativ (with Corrado Izzo)
6. Blank Canvas
7. Time Will Allow
8. Tsunami
9. Cut The Slack (2001)
10. Found & Bound (2001)
11. Unbroken (2001)
12. Flight Mode (2008)

CD2 Tracks 1–4 taken from 1995 EP Voice.

Pre-order Bastard HERE.


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