Trans Upper Egypt detail new LP, share song

Trans Upper Egypt detail new self-titled album, share their song "Mountains"

From deep in the East Roman scene comes Trans Upper Egypt, a band made up of local stalwarts – start a million bands and book all the good shows.  They’re also the types to run their own DIY practice space/venue called Forte Fanfulla. It’s there that they recorded their album live to tape.  It’s there that they have fostered a garage-noise scene that has allowed them to create more linear, hypnotic music-a reflection of their love of Silver Apples, White Noise, Angus Maclise and Can.  ‘Trans Upper Egypt’ sees its release November 4th on Monofonus Press and you can stream the first tune “Mountains” below.

Regular touring throughout Italy, France and Switzerland have allowed Trans Upper Egypt to continue their polishing-not in the sonics, which remain fried as ever, but in the execution. After a 7″ on WORT Records and first full length, North African Berserk (Monofonus Press).  Drums in constant motion and bass that moves from bouncy to sinister competing with the syncopated dissonance of two synthesizers-spaceage sounds melting into a chainsaw fight, punctuated by scorched vocals. Trans Upper Egypt is: Cheb Samir on drums / Tab_ularasa on oscillators & effects / Leo Non on vox & keyboards /  Bob Jr. on bass.


Trans Upper Egypt 

Trans Upper Egypt

November 4, 2014

Monofonus Press

1 – Opinions

2 – CCTT

3 – Fantasia

4 – Virginia

5 – Mountains

6 – Moon Doom

7 – Morte

8 – African Ice Cream

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