“Torn Sheets” by Dead Waves

"Torn Sheets" by Dead Waves is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is off the NYC duo's LP Abandoned Children out May 27, 2022
Dead Waves photo by Jeremy Balderson

New York City psych rockersDead Waves have shared their new single “Torn Sheets,” the track is off the band’s forthcoming EP Abandoned Children, available May 27, via your favourite streaming service.

Abandoned Children is the duo’s first new music since 2018’s God of the Wild album, Abandoned Children is the band’s seventh release in all. Abandoned Children was engineered and mixed by Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Swans) at B.C. Studio, the legendary recording space in Brooklyn, co-founded by Brian Eno and Bill Laswell, where Bisi has worked and resided since the late 1970s. New single “Innermost” was produced by Victor Van Vugt (Nick Cave, PJ Harvey).

“They are both people whom we respect and admire, musically and their personality in general,” says Dead Waves’ Teddy Panopoulos, of Bisi and Van Vugt. “They get where we are going. We like to keep things sounding as real as possible and they help bring that
out.” The EP was mastered by Kim Rosen (Joe Henry, Billy Bragg).

Abandoned Children is described as a haunting, heartbreaking experience, the EP uses softness as its weapon. As subdued as they are, Dead Waves’ fragile guitars and distant vocals are loaded with memories of violence; the songs hit like fragments of past horrors, glimpsed through the fog of decades, or like slippery revelations received and lost within dreams. On new single “Innermost,” Teddy and his brother Nick conjure four minutes of intensity that cuts to the bone – a dark mix of psych, folk, and noise-rock.

Speaking about the new EP, Teddy reveals, “It’s about feeling empathy for all the abandoned children who feel hopeless in our present day reality. Even if they aren’t abandoned physically, just being abandoned mentally in one way or another, through shitty parents, upbringings, depressing school systems, or a society that doesn’t really care about them, or questioning their true selves and feeling isolated and less than what they are.”

Early Dead Waves releases, including the Steve Albini-produced Oracles of the Grave/Promise 7″, rocked in a heavy-garage fashion, sparking comparisons to Nirvana and Pixies. Over the course of its seven releases, the band has gradually severed ties
with rock conventions and blossomed into an unfettered, experimental musical entity.

Dead Waves
Abandoned Children

1) Arcadia
2) Torn Sheets
3) Drinking with Jeff Buckley
4) Innermost
5) Hypnagogia
6) Wake Up in the Night
7) Abandoned Children

Pre-order Abandoned Children by Dead Waves HERE


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