Tony Molina Drops “I Don’t Like That He”

Tony Molina Shares New Single "I Don't Like That He." The track is now available via Run For Cover/summer Shade
Tony Molina Shares New Single "I Don't Like That He"

Tony Molina recently returned with the announcement of his new album, In The Fade, due out August 12th via Summer Shade, a new imprint from Run For Cover Records curated by Madison Woodward (Fury, Object of Affection). Today Molina has shared the second single from In The Fade,”I Don’t Like That He.” The song is inspired by’60s pop artists as well as their ’90s torchbearers like Teenage Fanclub and The Aislers Set.

The Bay Area musician is serious about the craft that goes into songwriter, and not much else. Following Kill The Lights, his more pared-back 2018 full-length, Molina found that some listener reactions threw him off. “I kept hearing: ‘Oh, he’s maturing, he’s getting into other shit, writing more mature stuff,” he explains. “I thought, ‘Man, that’s kinda lame, no I’m not…'” In The Fade finds Molina still incorporating the delicate ’60s folk rock elements from his recent work, while also returning to some of the distortion and volume of his early days.

Tony Molina
In The Fade
Summer Shade/Run For Cover Records

In The Fade track list:
1. Aye Aye My My (Into The Fade)
2. The Last Time
3. Not Worth Knowing
4. Leave This Town
5. Don’t Be Far
6. Song For Friends (Slight Return)
7. Ovens Theme Pt. 4
8. Fuck Off Now
9. I Don’t Like That He
10. All I’ve Known
11. Burn Everyone
12. Four Sided Cell
13. Years Ago Pt. 2
14. Fluff

Pre-order The Fade by Tony Molina HERE