“Through the Darkness of Your Life” by Astrid


Astrid has shared their new single “Through the Darkness of Your Life” via No Big Deal Music.

Frontman Charlie Clark spoke about the new single:
“”Through The Darkness Of Your Life” in some ways about getting older and using past experiences and knowledge gained to really start applying it to your life. During the pandemic I revisited a lot of Occult literature, power of positive thinking type books and lots of lectures by the likes of Alan Watts, Ram Das and Bob Proctor that I was interested in as a teenager. One book in particular, The Kybalion, which is a really small book but filled with all these amazing ideas and principles.”

“Through The Darkness Of Your Life” is streaming now on all services, with a limited run of 300 7-inch vinyl records available exclusively through mail order or at Astrid’s upcoming UK tour dates. The vinyl will also feature the B-side: “Opposites Meet”, a live fan-favourite that was originally written by William Campbell back in 1999 during the recording sessions for their debut album, but has remained unfinished and unreleased until now. An accompanying video was also filmed for the track at Glasgow’s Dystopia Studios in the West End and on the Isle of Stornoway.

Stream “Through the Darkness of Your Life”

For more info visit Astrid online HERE


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