This Is Lorelei Debuts “I’m All Fucked Up”

This Is Lorelei, aka Nate Amos (Water From Your Eyes), releases “I’m All Fucked Up,” the new single new album, Box For Buddy, Box For Star
This Is Lorelei Photo Credit: OK McCausland

This Is Lorelei, aka Nate Amos (Water From Your Eyes, My Idea), releases “I’m All Fucked Up,” the playful new single from his recently announced new album, Box For Buddy, Box For Star, out June 14th on Double Double Whammy.

“‘I’m All Fucked Up is just me trying to diagnose/comfort/scold my younger self – an amalgamation of real experiences I had jumbled and reset in inaccurate but contextually relevant locations,” Amos explains.

On Box for Buddy, Box for Star, the New York artist embraces traditional pop songcraft and a confessional, carefully written brand of lyricism, dabbling in the kind of classic singer-songwriter cliches Amos never imagined toying with—but not without the counterbalancing force of shitpost-y irony, which listeners have come to expect from him.

Amos has recorded and self-released hundreds of songs under the This Is Lorelei moniker, perhaps surprisingly, after a decade plus, Box for Buddy, Box for Star marks the first attempt at a traditional, intentionally written full-length album. Amos describes the bulk of This Is Lorelei’s discography as “unedited diary entries,” written and recorded without much forethought, regard for genre or reverence for albums as thematic bodies of work, so oddly enough, Box for Buddy, Box for Star is both a fresh start and the culmination of years of diligent, interesting songwriting.

In the summer of 2022, while working on Box For Buddy, Box For Star, Amos was laser-focused on personal growth and felt an unfamiliar but pressing need to reflect honestly on his life through lyricism. Emotionally, it was a tough period, especially coupled with his mission to write without smoking weed—a substance he relied on nearly every day for the last 15 years—for the first time.

“I had just finished a tour with Water From Your Eyes, during which I laid on the ground at Stonehenge for 40 minutes and decided to stop smoking weed,” Amos explains. “Initially, this album was just a challenge to make music without getting high, and I was worried I wouldn’t come up with anything at all. I isolated myself from pretty much everyone and wrote songs all summer. I was pretty broke and significantly depressed, but also in a sort of healthy mental demolition mode, trying to reimagine how I wanted to move forward with my life. For better or worse, what I made ended up being a delayed recovery album, largely dealing with more significant addictions that I kicked a year earlier.”

This Is Lorelei Tour Dates:

6/20 – Ridgewood, NY @ TV Eye *

*Record Release show w/ Zero Point Energy, Rom Com and DJ Eve Swords

Pre-order Box For Buddy, Box For Star HERE


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