The Young share song, detail ‘Chrome Cactus’

The Young release new track, detail 'Chrome Cactus' out on Matador Records 8/26

Today Austin, TX’s The Young share “Metal Flake”, the first track from their album Chrome Cactus, out August 26th on Matador Records.

When we last heard from Austin, Texas’ The Young, the quartet was livin’ free and their album Dub Egg was the sunshine-fuzz hit of the year in more enlightened households worldwide. Flash forward two years and it seems the bill is due, in a big way as Chrome Cactus is a far darker version of The Young. The breezy optimism of their earlier albums has been switched out for sinister, creeping dread in both lyrics and music, and the instrumentation is far sharper as well.  The rhythm section of drummer Ryan Maloney and new bassist Lucas Wedow lay down a heavy (though nimble where they need to be) foundation for the guitar interplay of Hans Zimmerman and Kyle Edwards.


Artwork Credit: Aimee Lusty



AUGUST 26, 2014

1. Metal Flake
2. Cry of Tin
3. Chrome Jamb
4. Moondog First Quarter
5. Apaches Throat
6. Mercy
7. Ramona Cruz
8. Dressed in Black
9. Slow Death
10. Blow The Scum Away

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