“The Weasel” by Young Jesus

"The Weasel" by Young Jesus is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is now available via Saddle Creek and DSPs
Young Jesus photo Credit: Caitlin Dennis

Young Jesus, AKA: John Rossiter, recently dropped “The Weasel.” The song is being released along with the release of a new episode of Murder At The End of The World, the series created by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij. The track appears in the closing credits of the episode “Crypt,” which aired December 4th.

“The Weasel” is Young Jesus’ first release on Saddle Creek (Feeble Little Horse) since his 2022 LP Shepherd Head. The new single feels like an evolution of that record’s sound, sharing a stripped down instrumentation and a striking vulnerability in Rossiter’s vocal performance, but where Shepherd Head created immersive soundscapes using lo-fi recordings, found sounds and scant electronics, “The Weasel” moves towards delicately arranged organic textures, creating something lush and natural-feeling from unassuming building blocks.

Rossiter says of the track:

“This tune is shrouded in mist for me. With Albon’s bass frequencies cloaking the song, it feels a bit like The Beatles playing at a burial. And that is what it is— an examination of what happens when we bury the darkness within ourselves. That darkness becomes the soil through which evil can flower. That being said, I feel this song came from somewhere beyond my understanding and it has a deep and ineffable power when I hear it. Like a dream.”

Recorded with the revered producer and musician Shahzad Ismaily, the track is not the only contribution the pair have made to the soundtrack of the show, as two songs they composed were parts of recent episodes, and they recently quietly released an EP called “The Beast” featuring tracks Rossiter describes as being inspired by he and Ismaily’s work on the show.

Rossiter adds:

“The EP I just put out— two of them are in the show, but the rest are inspired by going on this journey w brit— hearing the idea, reading scripts, seeing rough cut. I have a great memory of shahzad and I bundled up in his bed In the dead of winter heat cranked to like 85 watching the first two episodes.”

Of “The Weasel” Marling adds: “When I heard The Weasel I knew it was the right song to close chapter 5 of A Murder At The End Of The World. It has such haunt, beauty and raw investigative power — it felt like Darby.”

Order “The Weasel” by Young Jesus HERE


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