“The Sun” by The Narcotix

"The Sun" by The Narcotix is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
The Narcotix Photo via the Artist

The Narcotix are back with their debut full-length album, Dying, following up their 2021 EP, Mommy Issues. “The Sun” is the second single, out everywhere today.

“This is The Sun.

You woke up suddenly after a cold night to a gigantic, smiling Sun…
and to carnivorous flowers, venus fly traps that tease and tingle your senses.

No one is safe, but everyone is dancing.

An etheric body floats above the seance, observing.

“”The Sun” is a journey through the wilderness” – The Narcotix

Composers and multi-instrumentalists Esther Quansah and Becky Foinchas return with their debut album Dying, an excavation of the ego in 12/8 time. It’s an audio collage, an amalgam of moods, genres, and hysterics that flips formal songwriting structure on its head. The songwriting duo of Foinchas and Quansah has always had a knack for subverting expectations, and this new release bears witness to staggering growth and deliberate abandon. Working closely with producer/engineer Colin Monachs out of GB’s Juke Joint in Long Island City, the pair’s sonic identity has matured, incorporating stately piano and string arrangements into their trademark polyrhythmic brew. This album is about the creative risk and reward of maintaining pure vulnerability while creating. It investigates themes of meditation, esotericism, and surrealism in daily life to address existential questions about the innermost self. Woven within the fibers of the music is a deeply spiritual aesthetic that challenges time and sonic reality through a formless usage of surroundings.

Pre-order Dying HERE.


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