The Still Tide debut “Give Me Time”

The Still Tide debut new single "Give Me Time".

Brooklyn, by way of Denver, band, The Still Tide have debuted their new single “Give Me Time”. The track is off their brand new The Joe Richmond (Tennis) produced EP Run Out, available today via Greater Than Collective. The band play their next show August 5th in Chicago.

Quote from Anna Morsett on the track:

The first song on the EP, “Give Me Time” is a song about the rigors, occasional self-doubts and anxieties of touring and working in music for a living. The line “Dance with me until my heart changes” is a quiet plea towards music (all the pieces of it, touring, recording, etc) to be merciful and serves as a hopeful reminder that if you do something you love long enough, it will pay off.

The album title “Run Out” plays with the idea of being both depleted – of having simply run out of steam or having something run its course to the end – and also with that of the basic human urge to escape, to just run out and away. With songs about losing love, feeling emotionally exhausted and worn at the end of a relationship to those about the feeling of escape music itself provides, the EP circles this theme throughout.


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