The Number Ones share Tracks Off New Album

The Number Ones stream new tracks off their upcoming self-titled release, being released via Deranged Records 8/5, The Number ones will announce show soon

The Number Ones (AKA THE #1S) will take you to power pop heaven with their razor sharp, 10 track self titled debut. Hailing from Dublin, the four-piece features members of Cian Nugent and The Cosmos (Matador / No Quarter), Cheap Freaks (Big Neck), Strong Boys (Milk Run), and The Pacifics (Bachelor). They sound like a classic Good Vibrations band from 1979 . Although this sort of music seems to have been done a million times before, it sounds fresh in the hands of The Number Ones – pure summer fun for fans of Protex, Exploding Hearts, Buzzcocks or Cock Sparrer.

The Number Ones, out next week (August 5th) on Deranged Records was recorded at a friend’s rehearsal space, and finished off with an overnight session in hell. Members include Conor Lumsden on drums, Cian Nugent on bass, and both Eddie Kenrick and Seán Goucher on guitar. All claim to like “both kinds of music, Beatles and Punk.  These Dubliners plan to play every town in Ireland before getting banned from England in the Summer and North America in Autumn. 

The Number Ones 
Deranged Records
August 5th, 2014
1 – I Wish I Was Lonely
2 – Sixteen
3 – Heartsmash
4 – Boy
5 – Girl
6 – Sharon Shouldn’t
7 – Anything
8 – Favourite Game
9 – He’s Too Good

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