“The New Wimpkiller” By Elephant Rifle

Elephant Rifle have shared a new video for “The New Wimpkiller.” The track is off the Reno, Nevada band’s full-length Broken Water, now available via Learning Curve Records. The album was recorded by Tim Green (The Fucking Champs, Nation of Ulysses) at Louder Studios. The cover art was created by acclaimed Nevada artist Michael Sarich.

New album Broken Water is the band’s ninth release since 2010. First single “The New Wimpkiller” has frontman Brad Bynum howling with a quavering twang that calls to mind Jello Biafra, or maybe Al Johnson of U.S. Maple, while the band drives forward with burliness of a Melvins/Jesus Lizard jam session and the quirks of guys raised on Trout Mask Replica and Grateful Dead bootlegs.

“The New Wimpkiller” is intended as an act of defiance against the conservative powers that be, explains Bynum. He states: “There are all these tough guy ‘strong man’ politicians around these days. And they’re all so full of shit and need to be mocked whenever possible. Trump, of course, but not just Trump. For example, here in Reno, there’s this shitty tough guy lawyer who ran for governor. When people like that get any power at all, they try to make some money, beef up the police and military, and they don’t see any value in the arts. But it’s fun to me to imagine some flamboyant ‘Footloose’-style dancing up in the guy’s grill.”

Alongside explosive rockers like “The New Wimpkiller,” Broken Water contains pensive acoustic laments, scrappy punk ragers, and more. Through all the album’s peaks and valleys, a certain Nevada vibe ties things together. “I like it when music sounds like it comes from a place, and I hope our music reflects Nevada.” says Bynum. “Nevada is all about wide open wild spaces, and I hope our music evokes that.” Indeed, Broken Water evokes Elephant Rifle’s home state, by way of an array of Western-tinged sounds permeating the mix. In addition to its core of drums, bass, guitar, and vocals, the band added piano, organ, acoustic guitars, dulcimer, theremin, and a slew of percussion. “It was rewarding to get to explore some different sides of our musical personalities,” says Bynum.

Elephant Rifle 2023 North American Tour Dates

May 20 – Reno, NV @ The Holland Project w/ Facet, Nerver
May 21 – Carson City, NV @ Shoe Tree Brewing w/ Facet, Reptoid
May 22 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Aces High Saloon w/ Facet, Baby Gurl
May 23 – Denver, CO @ Seventh Circle w/ Facet, Quits, Almanac Man
May 24 – Kansas City, MO @ Farewell w/ Facet
May 25 – Des Moines, IA @ The Dark Slide w/ Facet
May 26 – Minneapolis, MN @ Caterwaul Festival
May 27 – Omaha, NE @ Reverb Lounge

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