“The King Of Idiots” Digital Leather

"The King Of Idiots" by Digital Leather is Northern Transmissions Video of the Day. The track is off their self-titled LP, out 9/15 via No Coast Recordings
"The King Of Idiots" by Digital Leather

Digital Leather AKA: Shawn Foree, recently released his new single, from his forthcoming release New Wave Gold. “The King Of Idiots,” Foree notes, “This song is very personal for me. It’s a little stroll through the turbulent world of addiction, which I have seen destroy the lives of several people who were once close to me.I really want to convey the grand scale of destructive behavior. It can be epic and unrelenting. It was important for me to write this song because I had been carrying around so much guilt for not being able to save people from themselves. This song enabled me to release a lot of that guilt, and maybe it can do something similar for listeners.”

Recorded in Foree’s apartment in Omaha, Nebraska over the last few years, during which time Shawn also travelled the country doing environmental work, which lends to much of the lyrical content in the album, New Wave Gold is something uniquely wonderful. Lyrically, each song is crafted of deceivingly simple lines, but the words soon reveal their true identities: culprits to a dazzlingly moody manifesto. It’s a mid-life crisis and a global crisis smashed together and thrown onto tape. Scattered with analog synths, acoustic guitars, and a fully operational DIY approach, New Wave Gold is also reminiscent of work from groups like Sebadoh and Psychic TV.

Digital Leather
Digital Leather
Track Listing

1. Dark Ages
2. Born To Win
3. A Cut Above
4. Acid Rain
5. My Little Jackhammer
6. Sad Sap And The Infinite Ego
7. Compass
8. A Year
9. The King Of Idiots
10. Iconography
11. Our World
12. Smoke Flood
13. Love
14. Sinking Ship


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