“The First Disciple” By Tamino

Tamino has shared a new visual for “The First Disciple”. Past, present and future all coalesce within the confines of an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of Antwerp. The Belgian-Egyptian musician is seen playing the Arabic oud, surrounded by the gaze of an army of ravers and a decomposing canvas of graffiti-covered walls, in another moment he is swallowed by the glitchy lights of the club.

On “The First Disciple” Tamino worked with Belgian producers PJ Maertens and Jo Francken, the song is an evocative slow-burn mood-setter by this supremely gifted artist. It features long-standing collaborator and friend in Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood on bass and Ruben Vanhoutte on drums. The video was directed by Bastiaan Lochs and Jonathan Van Hemelrijck.

That Tamino’s music is in part imbued with the sound of the Middle East should come as little surprise. His grandfather, Muharram Fouad, was one of Egypt’s most celebrated singers and actors, and it was his old guitar that Tamino was gifted as a child and set him on his musical journey. In Europe, Tamino already plays to sell-out audiences in the thousands including one standout show at the 8000 capacity Lotto Arena in Antwerp, a city he has long called home.

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