The Cyclist announces LP on Stones Throw

The Cyclist releases album on Stones throw/Leaving Records

The Cyclist – Visions from Leaving Records on Vimeo.

The Cyclist shares video for “Visions,” announces debut LPBones In Motion out March 26 on Stones Throw /Leaving Records

Coming fast ’round the bend on his own tape-fried Tour De France – The Cyclist, a brave young producer hailing from Northern Ireland, whose accelerated visions of artfully exploded dance music will imminently crash land on that ever challenging and forward thinking hub of experimental excellence, Leaving Records. Bones In Motion, the producer’s latest full-length exercise, is dance music Leaving Records style- thoroughly busted techno for the post-punk demo tape set. On a blurry path between house music’s early analog experiments and astounding vistas in modern digital production, you will hear ghostly wisps of woozy trance, distorted and dazzling, cooing through a thick haze of warbling warmth and soulful, revolving resonance. Propelled rhythmically by a ramshackle assemblage of maimed drum machines and battered samples, Bones In Motion doggedly pedals ahead with no finish line in sight–towards the endless possibilities of electronic music. Bones In Motion will be released by Stones Throw / Leaving Records on March 26, 2013

The Cyclist
Bones In Motion
Stones Throw / Leaving Records
Vinyl / CD / Digital / Cassette
Street Date: March 26, 2013

Feel Beauty
Bones In Motion
The March
Another Exploitation
Black Train
Fleet Meeting

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