“Tetris” Little Hag

Avery Mandeville AKA: Little Hag, was conceived in a New Jersey basement and born again in quarantine. Under the Mandeville mantle she released a number of EPs and put many miles on other people’s vans touring the US. What started as a sarcastic Instagram handle (@littlehag) slowly became serious and somehow a small, vulgar crone took over all of Avery’s social media accounts. Little Hag has been rejoicing in the long distance demoing, drive in concerts, and even the isolation. On socially distant parking lot gigs, she said “Everyone was in their cars honking their horns instead of applause. It was the first time I felt like myself in a long time.”

In the video for “Tetris,” Avery displays her dance moves, beach hair, and the few video editing skills she retained from an online class.

“Tetris” will be followed by a compilation of older tracks titled Whatever Happened To Avery Jane? due September 18 followed by her full-length LP due in 2021. Little Hag features Matt Fernicola on guitar, Owen Flanagan on drums, Chris Dubrow on bass and Noah Rauchwerk on keys and emotional support. Signed by Bar None Records just as everything was shutting down, Little Hag has now emerged with a 2:17 slice of pure pop pugnaciousness with a bummer end of summer vibe.


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