Terrace share new video for “Exit Stars”

Terrace share their new video for the single "Exit Stars"

Vancouver trio Terrace are on the eve of the release of their latest record We Fall Together. The latest instalment of the visual component comes in the form of a sun drenched video for the single “Exit Stars” directed by Marc Alcover and featuring the recurring object of desire, Paula Dias. Keeping in the theme of the album, “Exit Stars” taunts you to ponder the late night possibilities of love of longing while keeping two feet firmly on the dance floor. The trio consisting of Simon Lock, Kalani Polson and Alex Cooper aim to do one thing, and one thing only. This being to break down the walls of the latest music fads and simply make music that can take you back and propel you forward. “Exit Stars” is one step closer to Terrace completing their vision.

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