“Ten Four” by Rome Fortune

“Ten Four” by Rome Fortune

Rome Fortune is Atlanta’s blue-bearded and ostentatious at 6’5” in cowboy boots, Rome presents hip-hop catharsis at its most compelling; as he flips bars into lunar poetry. Rome’s Beautiful Pimp mixtapes, and collaborations with everyone from fellow ATLiens and turn-up trailblazers OG Maco and ILoveMakonnen, to Lil Uzi Vert, Brenmar, Four Tet, Kaytranda, What So Not, Tchami, AC Slater and Toro Y Moi, were merely the prelude to his nakedly honest storytelling. His debut album Jerome Raheem Fortune, released last year on Fool’s Gold Records, with production from Kaytranada on lead single Dance, was the true story of this man who fell to earth.

As he gears up to release his second album in 2018, with production from long-time collaborator Kaytranada, Rome is launching his own label SMALL VVORLD. Providing a platform in-keeping with today’s release landscape, and his fans’ insatiable appetite for new music, Rome will release a single every two-weeks. Explaining the vision behind SMALL VVORLD, Rome said; “Having the ability to control and express the specific vision you have for yourself as an artist should be top priority. I’ve interacted a lot with my fans during this process, giving them access to music and allowing them to help inform the releases.”

The debut release from SMALL VVOLRD is the Pimpstar Popstar EP, so named as a nod to Rome’s musical dexterity. Renowned for successfully straddling these two worlds, Rome eloquently unifies them with his powerful, sometimes painful, raw storytelling. “The Pimpstar Popstar sound brings an identifiable presence to my eclectic modern pop and rap approaches”, confirms Rome.

The first single from the Pimpstar Popstar EP is Ten Four, out now. Explaining the process behind the single, Rome says: “My producer Lava Dome and I stripped Ten Four down to make you feel like you’re at a high-end, trap rave in a submerged submarine. There are no tracks that sound like Ten Four. It has a bounce everybody can rock to, but it’s something completely new.”


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