Teleman Return With “Short Life”

Teleman’s,fourth album Good Time/Hard Time is their first as a trio and sees them evolve as a force of nature as they navigate new beginnings despite a wealth of experience behind them. Music and lyrical stream of consciousness entwined, the album makes sense of a world in chaos and its words of wisdom are a vital reminder that even when things seem heavy, life is precious.

Good Time / Hard Time is described as the band’s most dancefloor-friendly record to date. Following the departure of the band’s long-time keyboard player Jonny Sanders to focus on his film and design work, Peter Cattermoul now leads on keyboard duties and Hiro Amamiya slides seamlessly between drum machine, live drums and even the odd keyboard solo as it captures the bounce of choice cuts from their own DJ sets such as Metronomy or the classic disco of Boney M, Giorgio Moroder.

The album’s first single “Short Life”, offers its own wake-up call to live every moment before it’s gone forever (‘Look out the window, there’s Jesus standing there, take a picture, share it online, what’s on the TV? It’s a short life.’)

Sanders explains; “This song is an affirmation that life is priceless and precious even though things can seem heavy. I often get lost for days and weeks in a really low place where I’m just waiting to come out the other side. In these depressive moments it helps to remind myself that it’s a short life- days are limited so lets snap out of it!”

The video, made by brother and ex bandmate Jonny Sanders (aka Prehuman), follows Tom on a beautiful October afternoon, driving out into the Essex countryside armed with an action cam. “The analogy of a car journey also neatly captured the way we are rushing through our own short lives.”

Good Time / Hard Time
Moshi Moshi

1. Short Life
2. Trees Grow High
3. Wonderful Times
4. Easy Now I’ve Got You
5. Cherish
6. Hello Everybody
7. I Can Do It For You
8. The Juice
9. The Girls Who Came To Say
10. Good Time/Hard Time


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