“Take The Long Way” Photo Ops

Terry Price AKA: Photo Ops, will release his new album Pure at Heart on September 18 via Western Vinyl. Ahead of the album’s release, he has shared a new video for album track “Take The Long Way.” The video which features public domain footage from the 1950s western dance production “Dance Americana” can also be shared at YouTube and the song is available on all streaming platforms.

Terry Price on “Take The Long Way:”

“I was sitting in my apartment and Leonard Cohen had just died. Having just moved to Los Angeles, I was thinking about the change in landscape you witness as you drive east to west. Between the strangeness of moving and the political shifts that have taken place over the last few years, I wanted to capture the feeling of driving into the unknown future and being mystified by it. Like a lot of my songs, they are kind of lullabies to help cope with uncertainty. Take the long way. I’ll wait.

Pure at Heart was inspired in part by Price’s time listening to and studying Bob Dylan‘s Sirius XM show, “Theme Time Radio Hour” while driving through the Southwest. He explains “I was learning that what made a lot of older music magical, was the performers having to work with limitations. So you had to rely on human performance and the energy you could conjure in real time, in the moment, to communicate your idea.”

For the recording of Pure at Heart, Price and a friend turned the living room of his 575 square foot apartment into a studio. “We mostly stuck with the instruments and gear I had on hand and tried to make it sound just as inspired as when we had more of a traditional studio at our disposal.We nailed packing blankets to the walls and ceilings of my living room and created a studio in my apartment. This forced us to rely less on bells and whistles, more on the strength of the musical ideas and performance.”

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