“Sword” Ian Sweet

"Sword" by Ian Sweet is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is now available to stream
"Sword" by Ian Sweet

Ian Sweet aka Jillian Medford has released a new track titled “Sword.” Of the single, Medford says “‘Sword’ is my Ultimate Fighter manifesto. It was born from the dire need to end what felt like a relentless battle. A battle where I was constantly being disarmed. I imagined my body being both the shield and weapon to fight back against someone who wanted me to surrender.”

Ian Sweet has been the source of and solution to many of Jilian Medford’s deepest anxieties. Medford processes these anxieties by pushing herself to experiment with new musical directions that inspire her, while digging for raw honesty and emotional depth that show through her lyrics. Since the release of her sophomore LP, Crush Crusher, Medford has felt boundless by genre, warping the sound around her to create something all her own.