Swedish trio DNKL announce debut EP

Swedish trio DNKL announce debut 'Wolfhour' EP, to be released on November 17th

It’s been an interesting twelve months for Swedish trio DNKL. Emerging from their Gothenburg basement studio at the end of 2013, the band have played at some of Europe’s biggest festivals and won over a legion of fans around the world with their dark electronic pop.

Since then the band have gone onto perform at Roskilde Festival, open the Way Out West festival with a live performance on the Boiler Room stage, play at Berlin Music Week and support Com Truise on his European tour.

Now DNKL are set to release their debut official release, the “Wolfhour” EP on US label Sugarcane Recordings (Gazelle Twin, John Foxx, Jori Hulkonnen). A 4 track EP featuring “Battles” and “Hunt” alongside two new tracks and live favourites, “Wolfhour” and “Warm Dark Night”.

“The last year has been amazing for us. It is an incredible feeling when the music we have been putting our hearts into finally surfaces and people outside of our tiny basement studio get to hear our songs. For us the release of this EP, and these 4 tracks, represents the end of the first chapter for DNKL and the start of something even more exciting.” – DNKL

Artist: DNKL
Released: NOVEMBER 17th (digital) | 12” to follow

Track List:
1. Wolfhour
2. Hunt
3. Warm Dark Night
4. Battles
5. Hunt (Keep Shelly in Athens Remix)
6. Battles (Seekae Remix)
7. Wolfhour (Sun Glitters Remix)
8. Battles (Lambert Remix)


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