“Surely Everything’s Alright” By Sunnsetter ft: Guard Petal

“Surely Everything's Alright” By Sunnsetter ft: Guard Petal is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
“Surely Everything's Alright” By Sunnsetter ft: Guard Petal is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Sunnsetter is the project of multi-artist Andrew McLeod, recently they confirmed their new album The best that i can be, will be released on March 31, 2023 via Paper Bag Records.

Ahead of the release, Sunnsetter has released third single “Surely Everything’s Alright”(ft Guard Petal on harmony vocals). Andrew expands on track, “I spent many years in a dark place, weighed down by an underlying depression. A consistent and predictable up and down from various mental health issues for the majority of my life. This song and the subject matter of this album as a whole is anattempt at reconciling that behaviour and learning how to live with and change it for the better of myself and those around me. Reminding myself that surely everything is alright, even when I’ve tricked myself into believing otherwise.”

McLeod, is also a collaborator with and contributor to twice Polaris nominated and shortlisted ZOON, headed by Daniel Monkman, and Juno nominated, OMBIIGIZI says “These songs are something I have been working towards for the better part of three years. During this time, I have grieved the loss of a close friend/bandmate and continuously dealt with my journey of sobriety and struggles with mental well being, concepts around gender identity and queerness; while simultaneously, of course, being thrown into even more chaos via the pandemic. I hope that these songs can make sense to the people who have never heard my music and the people who have supported me along the way. This is simply the best that I can be, through song, and the need to share that feeling with the world is what has kept me going this entire time.”

The best that I can be
Track List
Paper Bag Records

1. Memories (Come and Go Light)
2. Float In Circles
3. In the Ocean
4. Always Talk, Never Speak
5. Surely Everything’s Alright (ft. Guard Petal)
6. The Whole World that Turns Around Itself
7. Today Feels So New
8. At the End of the Day
9. I Hear a Voice
10. Can’t Forget

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