“Superficial Conversation” By Madeline Kenney

"Superficial Conversation" by Madeline Kenney is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is off her new album A New Reality Mind
Madeline Keney photo by James Boudreau

In 2022, Kenney’s partner left suddenly and without warning, plunging her into the solitary act of untangling what happened. In the wake of her ensuing depression, she revisited these songs and found in them something prescient. She’d already laid the foundation for A New Reality Mind. The singer/songwriter’s new album will drop on July 28th via Carpark Records. Along with the announcement, she has shared the album’s first single “Superficial Conversation.”

That her relationship’s end came without warning is only half true, though. The warnings were in the feelings and fears that inspired Kenney’s critically-acclaimed third album, Sucker’s Lunch (2020), which was co-produced by Jenn Wasner (Flock of Dimes) and centered around the idea of flinging oneself freely into the seemingly-assured destruction of new love, come what may.

Produced and recorded alone in her basement, these songs are manifestations of what it feels like to be transformed by pain. Textures collide and collude; sonic ornaments emerge and dissipate capriciously; saxophones soar untamed. There’s a propulsive power in the album, and there’s also acceptance, self-forgiveness, and a willingness to move forward into life, with all its ways of making a sucker of you. “That way of living, I’m over it,” Kenney declares of the habits that hold her back on “Superficial Conversation.” “I do not need to be reminded of what I did,” she assures, the song opening wide and beaming, like a smile expanding to taste a new breath of air.

“‘Superficial Conversation’ is my way of looking back at the ways I shrunk myself or ignored my own needs in favor of the needs and desires of others,” Kenney explains. “While I wish I had acted differently, I want to be kind and forgiving to my past self and be able to grow and move forward with more power and love.

Madeline Kenney
A New Reality Mind
Carpark Records

1. Intro
2. Plain Boring Disaster
3. Superficial Conversation
4. Reality Mind
5. I Drew A Line
6. It Carries On
7. Red Emotion
8. The Same Again
10. Leaves Me Dry
11. Expectations

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