Strange Ranger announce Pure Music LP

Strange Ranger have announced their new Pure Music LP will be available on July 21st via Fire Talk Records and DSPs
Strange Ranger Photo Credit: Yulissa Benitez

Strange Ranger have announced their new album, Pure Music, will drop on July 21st via Fire Talk, along with the news, they have shared single/video, “She’s On Fire.”

“When you’re young, it feels like life has a kind of arc to it and up ahead in the future, there’s some point where all your experiences converge and this fog of confusion will lift and you will have arrived,” says Isaac Eiger, speaking on the inspiration behind the band’s new single. “This is definitely not true and increasingly, music is the steadying hand I lean on when looking for meaning. It provides a spiritualism that feels absent from much of life and I want to be as close to that feeling as possible.”

Members Eiger, Fiona Woodman, Nathan Tucker and Fred Nixon recorded Pure Music at a cabin in upstate New York as a blizzard raged outside. The album elucidates the promise of No Light in Heaven, a mixtape that hinted the band was cocooned in a state of near total transformation. Pure Music emerged from the same sessions, and while No Light in Heaven resembles, in places, bygone iterations of Strange Ranger’s sound, Pure Music was made with so little concern for what anyone might expect of them, as if they were a band without history. It’s an album that feels out of this time, one that lives in a dimension running parallel to ours.

It’s been four years since Strange Ranger released the spirited Remembering the Rockets, and in the interim period, the band surveyed a range of electronic production techniques, determined to integrate them on Pure Music. That effort is apparent from the outset; opening track “Rain So Hard” is scaffolded upon layers of oceanic synths, the trill of a marimba, and a mournful guitar part that mirrors the lyrical content. Written while Eiger and Woodman were in the process of breaking up, “Rain So Hard” captures the romantic loneliness of a late subway ride home. Despite the breakup, Pure Music is Stranger Ranger’s most collaborative effort to date. “With a few exceptions, I can’t tell whose production ideas were whose, when I listen back to it,” says Nixon. “We were literally trapped in this cabin, manically working at all hours, and the energy was crazy, in a fun way.”

Strange Ranger
Pure Music
Track List
Fire Talk Records

1. Rain So Hard
2. She’s On Fire
3. Dream
4. Way Out
5. Blue Shade
6. Blush
7. Wide Awake
8. Ask Me About My Love Life
9. Fantasy
10. Dazed in the Shallows

Strange Ranger 2023 Tour Dates

Sat. June 10 – Philadelphia, PA @ TBA w/ Blood & Zeke Ultra
Sat. June 17 – Brooklyn, NY @ Heaven w/Chanel Beads

Pre-order Pure Music by Strange Ranger HERE


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