“Stayin’ Alive ! Chris Version” by Christine and the Queens

Christine and the Queens today closes out the  year with the surprise release of his reinterpretation of a Bee Gees classic. “Stayin’ Alive ! Chris Version” first debuted live in a performance at the Cannes Film Festival this summer and now arrives as a fully realised studio version, alongside a video shot in Venice and directed by Chris himself.

“Art heals! Brings us all together again and again! Art is the experience of humanity, the joyful boat of the imagination, the fireside where we reinvent together – childhood

My masters use art as a magical refuge and I, in turn, take them along

masked, free of themselves into the sovereign realm of their own dreams.

Made in a few days, in an emergency with fabulous friends, generous strangers, the inhabitants of Venice the beautiful, this is our fond farewell to 2023

our PUNK gesture for a better future

see you soon,


PARANOÏA, ANGELS, TRUE LOVE,  by Christine and the Queens was released in June via Because Music. The LP was written, performed, and produced by Christine and the Queens, with co-production by Mike Dean (Lana Del Rey, Beyonce), and features guest appearances from  Madonna and 070 Shake.  Highlights on the new album include the newly released single “A day in the water” and “True love (feat. 070 Shake).”



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