Sparks Announce New Box Set, Tour This Fall

Sparks Announce Their First Box Set: Sparks: New Music For Amnesiacs, The Ultimate Collection, Out Oct. 22nd. Announce North American dates.

Over their four decades of existence, Sparks has consistently proved to be ten steps ahead of their peers, pioneering and transforming in ways few would’ve ever predicted. Enigmatic and shape-shifting, Brothers Ron and Russell Mael have done everything from pioneering disco with Giorgio Moroder, to writing rock operas for Swedish public radio, to even helping define the sound of U.K. glam — nevermind that the duo hail from Los Angeles. In this context, L.A.’s pop provocateurs Sparks are excited to present their first-ever box set, Sparks: New Music For Amnesiacs, The Ultimate Collection, out October 22nd on Lil Beethoven.

Curated by Ron and Russell Mael, the box set is the definitive guide to this extraordinary band’s career – as chosen by the two people who know the band best. The four CDs that makeup the collection are presented within a hardbound coffee table book and includes 81 songs that are the most significant of their career, as well as oddities hat still resonate with Sparks on a more personal level. The box set will also include reproduced memorabilia, a two-track bonus CD and a selection of souvenirs.

The book also features photographs and memorabilia (much of it from the band’s own archives) which, when accompanied by the music, will tell their story from the late ’60s as the Urban Renewal Project and their relatively brief time as Halfnelson, through the subsequent 40 years as Sparks. With a more traditional autobiography extremely unlikely, this is the Sparks story, as told by Sparks.

Disc 1

01. Wonder Girl

02. Roger

03. High C

04. Girl From Germany

05. Batteries Not Included

06. Whippings and Apologies

07. This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both of Us

08. Amateur Hour

09. Equator

10. Talent Is An Asset

11. Barbecutie

12. Propaganda

13. At Home At Work At Play

14. Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth

15. Something For The Girl With Everything

16. Alabamy Right

17. Hospitality On Parade

18. Happy Hunting Ground

19. Looks, Looks, Looks

20. Get In The Swing

21. Miss the Start, Miss the End

22. Big Boy

23. Nothing To Do

24. Looks Aren’t Everything

25. Tearing The Place Apart

Disc 2

01. Goofing Off

02. Over The Summer

03. The Number One Song In Heaven

04. Beat The Clock

04. Tryouts For The Human Race (Unreleased Version)

05. When I’m With You (LP Single Version)

06. Young Girls (LP Single Version)

07. Tips For Teens

08. Funny Face

09. I Married A Martian

10. Angst In My Pants

11. I Predict

12. Mickey Mouse

13. Eaten By The Monster Of Love

14. Cool Places

15. Popularity

16. I Wish I Looked A Little Better

17. Pretending to Be Drunk

18. A Song That Sings Itself

Disc 3

01. Music That You Can Dance To

02. Change

03. Let’s Get Funky

04. Singing in The Shower (with Les Rita Mitsouko)

05. So Important

06. A Walk Down Memory Lane

07. Madonna

08. National Crime Awareness Week (Psycho Cut)

09. Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins

10. When Do I Get To Sing “My Way”

11. (When I Kiss You) I Hear Charlie Parker Playing (Radio Edit)

12. Tsui Hark (Feat. Tsui Hark & Bill Kong)

13. Let’s Go Surfing

14. Propaganda

15. Pulling Rabbits Out of A Hat

16. This Town Ain’t Big Enough for Both Of Us (with Faith No More)

17. Bullet Train

18. It’s A Knockoff

19. Calm Before The Storm

Disc 4

01. Concerto In Koch Minor (Wunderbar)

02. The Rhythm Thief

03. How Do I Get To Carnegie Hall?

04. My Baby’s Taking Me Home

05. Suburban Homeboy

06. I Married Myself

07. Dick Around

08. Perfume

09. The Very Next Fight

10. Metaphor

11. As I Sit Down To Play The Organ At The Notre Dame Cathedral

12. Good Morning

13. Lighten Up, Morrissey

14. Strange Animal

15. Photoshop

16. I’ve Never Been High

17. I Am A Bookworm

Souvenir CD:

1. Islington N1

2. Two Hands One Mouth

The Revenge of Two Hands One Mouth Tour Dates

10/23: Atlanta, GA @ The Variety Playhouse

10/25: Asheville, NC @ Mountain Oasis Festival

10/27: Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club

10/28: New York, NY @ Webster Hall

10/30: Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall

11/1: Montreal, QC @ Le National

11/2: Toronto, ON @Lee’s Palace

11/4: Detroit/Pontiac, MI @ Crofoot Ballroom

11/6: Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall

11/7: Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall

11/8-11/10: Austin, TX @ Fun Fun Fun Fest

11/11: Los Angeles, CA @ Fonda Theatre

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