“Down South” by Gringo

Debutants “Gringo” have shared their debut single and announced their debut album ‘The Shores’.

The band’s first single ‘Down South’, features a reverb so wet you practically feel like you’re out in the waves with Gillespie. Overtop a sun-stricken, lazy groove, the singer/guitarist tells the story of his most recent move from Redding back ‘down south’: a trip that lasted just long enough for him to pen this album in its entirety. The “she” in question is Gillespie’s now-fiancée, whom he had met in Redding before making the trip, and who offered a little more substance to the singer’s short-sighted plans for a south coast life of surfing and music.

The Northern Californian garage rock outfit is the brainchild of San Diego native Ryan Gillespie, who has spent his time to date between Redding and his birthplace embracing those ideals. Before he could even swim, Gillespie was hanging ten from the front of his uncle’s surfboard and has since grown into the embodiment of his easy going, fun loving home state. Gringo’s ten-track debut is a collection of stories from the last year and a half of his life on the west coast.

Gringo Live:
February 4th // Arcata, CA // Jambalaya


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