"Something in the Room She Moves" - Julia Holter Album Review by David Saxum for Northern Transmissions


Something in the Room She Moves

Julia Holter

Julia Holter’s upcoming album, set to drop this Friday, is a journey through intricate experimentation. With each listen, I find myself delving deeper into its layers, uncovering new meanings and emotions. Holter has crafted a piece of art that serves as a reminder of music’s capacity for boundless creativity.

Kicking off the album with “Sun Girl,” Holter sets the tone with an ethereal blend of vocals and deep drums, grounding the listener in a dreamy atmosphere. The track lives up to its name, radiating warmth and light, evoking a sense of childlike wonder and love for life.

Throughout the album, Holter explores various themes, particularly the nuances of love, sometimes overtly and other times allowing listeners to interpret and feel it themselves. Tracks like “Spinning” delve into chaotic arrangements, filled with synthesizers, samples, and orchestral elements, creating a sense of turbulent intensity, while others like “Materia” envelop the listener in soothing melodies akin to warm honey.

One standout track, “Meyou,” relies on vocal rhythms to build tension, mirroring its own crescendo and decrescendo, a microcosm of the album’s overall journey. It’s a testament to Holter’s ability to craft compositions that both challenge and comfort, leading listeners to the edge before bringing them back to a place of tranquility.

Holter’s album is not one to be consumed hastily; it demands multiple listens to fully appreciate its intricacies. With each return, there’s a new revelation waiting to be discovered, a reflection not only of the album itself but of the listener’s own journey. It’s a delicate balance that Holter masterfully navigates, solidifying her place among the greats of experimental music art works. Overall, it was an enchanting listen in the genre of experimental pop.

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