Soft as Snow Stream Debut EP

Soft as Snow are giving fans an advance listen to their debut EP, Glass Body, The EP comes out on July 21st via Houndstooth records

Soft as Snow are giving fans an advance listen to their debut EP, Glass Body.  The EP drops this Monday, July 21st on UK label Houndstooth. Soft as Snow is Oda Egjar Starheim and Øystein Monsen’s first electronic venture, yet their collaboration was initiated years ago through art related performances and projects  – including creating their own utopic art and music festival in the Swedish forest, and performing at events in cities such as London (where they are now based) and Oslo. They make experimental pop for the interplanetary set, echoing the sounds of minimal wave and early Warp releases, and their approach to music making is hands-on; avoiding laptops in favour of analogue synths, drum machines and samplers, mixed with idiosyncratic vocals and heavily processed guitars.

Glass Body Tracklisting

(July 21st, 2014 | Houndstooth)

01. Glass Body

02. Halo Heart

03. All Our Beasts

04. Black Birds

05. Drops of Armour

06. Halo Heart (Asher Levitas Remix) 


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