Sleaford Mods Share “Force Ten From Navarone”

Sleaford Mods have announced New Single "Force 10 From Navarone" Featuring Dry Cleaning singer Florence Shaw
Sleaford Mods and Florence Shaw photo by Eddie Whelan

Sleaford Mods have released “Force 10 From Navarone,” featuring guest vocals from Dry Cleaning frontwoman Florence Shaw. Out now, and accompanied by a brand new video, the song is taken from the Nottingham duo’s forthcoming album UK GRIM, which will be released on 10 March 2023. Reflecting the depth of the new record, this emotional commentary explores the inner life anxieties of 21st century living, with a wry examination of social conventions. The track’s new video was directed by photographer Eddie Whelan, who has collaborated with REM, Jockstrap and Jarvis Cocker and more.

‘The track is a conversation with myself coming to terms with happiness and whether it is in fact a darker space than my negativity and depression. Coupled with that it explores the myth of activism and inaction of the majority in the UK in the presence of a corrupt government.’ – Jason Driven by urgent electronic pulses crafted by Sleaford Mods’ Andrew Fearn, the track brings together two vocalists who appreciate and understand the power of words, as Florence Shaw’s lines playfully intertwine and challenge Mods’ Jason Williamson who brings a true sense of drama to the track. Menacing yet inviting, Force 10 From Navarone is an incantation for modern existence sealed in the heart of a throbbing, minimal banger. ‘We’re big fans of Dry Cleaning and knew Flo would be perfect for the track. She’s the real deal and conjures the inspiration I get from the likes of Wu-Tang in the way she uses one word to convey a whole story.’ – Jason Williamson.

“Force 10 From Navarone” is a softer edge of Sleaford Mods’ forthcoming album UK GRIM which was introduced by its title track last month. Electronic-driven political outrage, accompanied by the first ever music video by British artist Cold War Steve, the album both captures and challenges its times politically and socially. Additionally, Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction will also appear on the record, guesting on the track So Trendy. To mark UK GRIM’s release, Sleaford Mods will play two special live shows which fans can access by purchasing the album. Sleaford Mods will play Nottingham Rock City on 14 March followed by a show at Pryzm in London in conjunction with record shop Banquet on March 15th.

a limited edition t-shirt featuring one of the bespoke artworks created by Cold War Steve for UK. GRIM has gone on sale, with proceeds going to the charity Shelter and can be purchased HERE.


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