Sian Cross debuts new single “Stare At Me”


Sian Cross, recently released her new single “Tell Anybody” which gained her many new fans. Her delicate vocals and honest song writing are just a couple of the things that have placed Sian apart from many other singer/songwriters. Today, you can check out what everyone is talking about, as she debuts her new single “Stare At Me”.

“Stare At Me” is the other double A-side to the track, and instantly everyone can bring their own feelings into this track. Emerging from emotional, personal experiences- the song is incredibly powerful. Stare At Me is a strong statement of having conscious knowledge acceptance of one’s own individually. Being separate from our environment and other individuals. Not only do the Foxxes style vocals surpass expectations, but also the lyrics are what pull us in, leaving us needing more.

“Stare At Me was written from my experiences but was born from my desire to change people’s views of scars and disfigurements. As the song grew and I performed it more and more I began to realise, this is not just a song for people with scars and disfigurements but for anyone who has ever felt judged or discriminated for their physical appearance, which, lets face it, is pretty much all of us, right? We are, at times such a superficial society and we place importance on appearance in such a way that prohibits us from truly loving and accepting our bodies and ourselves. Stare At Me is written with hope that it will help even one person love themselves and all their imperfections unconditionally, for that is what makes us unique and beautiful.”

November Tour Dates
3rd – Servant Jazz Quarters LONDON (supporting James Beau Barclay)
11th – Basingstoke Anvil BASINGSTOKE (supporting Sons Of Pitches)
12th – Falmouth Pavilion FALMOUTH (supporting Son Of Pitches)
14th – St Albans Arena ST ALBANS (supporting Ons Of Pitches)
21st – Cadogan Hall LONDON (supporting Sons Of Pitches)
23rd – The Rowbridge GUILDFORD (supporting Mishka Shubaly)
25th – Gullivers MANCHESTER (supporting Mishka Shubaly)
26th – Slaughtered Lamb LONDON (supporting Mishka Shubaly)
27th – Robin 2 WOLVERHAMPTON (supporting China Crisis)


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