Shotty debuts new single “Famous Face”

Shotty debuts new single "Famous Face", the track comes off the band's 'Little Lady Death'

Little Lady Death is the latest batch of catchy cartoony hard-rock tunes from the Los Angeles-based band Shotty. These songs aim to capture vivid videogame nerd-angst imagery, and bottle it up into bite-sized energy driven fuzzy rock n’ pop anthems. As a whole, Shotty delivers a level of energy rarely seen in today’s smooth, careful, “sonic texture”-obsessed indie music scene. Instead, Shotty plays for our inner children. Teenagers will finally feel validated in their lonesome melodramatic crises and existential conundrums, while fun-loving adults pause mid beer-sip, shocked at the raw fervor and utter likeable-ness that Shotty emanates in rainbow colored wavelengths of punk/synth/I-don’t-even-know f***yeah rock. At its core, this music is action packed and easily digested, like opening and fiddling with a brand new Transformers toy, or finding a shiny new holographic Charizard in your latest Pokemon card booster pack.

Shotty formed in Seattle, WA when high school dropout Pat Moon and next door neighbor Miles Frank began playing loud music in the basement. Over the years the amps grew in size and volume, the drum set was decorated with paint and decoupage, and the songs and performance were refined to to an explosive and undeniably mosh-worthy level. In 2013 Shotty relocated to Los Angeles to tap into the heart of the entertainment industry, seeking to push their music to new heights and spread their fantastical creations to the far corners of the world. They’ve since enlisted the bass/keyboard playing skills of former Floridian and 90’s music fanboy Duffey Westlake, recording and releasing new material with producer Norm Block (Plexi, Sweethead) to be released through the indie label Cautionary Tail Records via INgrooves Music Group (part of the Manimal Label Group).

Little Lady Death features original cover artwork by Hanah Nance (Adventure Time, Regular Show) and will be available everywhere on November 6th, 2015.


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