SHARK? Premiere Video For”Fingers” Single

SHARK? Premiere Video For"Fingers" Single. SHARK? will play 02/19 in Brooklyn, at NY Death By Audio. They are currently in the process of writing new tunes.

Shark? has announce the premiere of the video for “Fingers”, their latest single from the album Savior. The video was created by bassist Andrew Kinsey on his work computer while he probably should have been doing actual work. Piecing together photos and videos captured on various cell phones through a couple of tours, the video chronicles just exactly what happens in the van and after shows during the band’s “downtime”. Brief cameos were unwittingly made by Earthquake Party, Diarrhea Planet, Sleepies, SW/MM/ING, EULA, Mission of Burma, Nick Brooks, The Glass City Rollers, and Grooms. The song itself exudes the energy and sonic fury of Shark?’s live show in a searing minute and 46 seconds.

Shark? is currently in the process of recording some new material so stay tuned. As always they also have a handful of NYC shows coming up but will also be hitting the road again soon. Check below for dates!

On their new record Savior, existential garage-rock band Shark? explore themes such as the inevitability of death, the mundane repetition of work, overlooked historical geniuses, the pain and suffering of loss, and the unbearable lightness of being a “California Grrl”. But where the lyrical content of the record bends toward the dark and depressing, musically the songwriting is as fun and raucous as ever, infused with the beer-fueled party-starting surf and garage rock that their live shows have become known for.


The album was recorded by Ava Luna’s Carlos Hernandez and Julian Fader over the course of eight hours on one windy February day at the original Gravesend Studios, which was essentially a closet in the back of the basement of a church in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

Savior started its life as an attempt to write a rock-opera about a slacker Jesus, but quickly sprawled and developed into the more over-arching collection of songs found here. Taken as a whole, the message is clear: don’t take anything too seriously and have as much fun as you can while you’re here.




02/19 – Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio

02/25 – Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn

03/19 – Brooklyn, NY @ Pianos

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