“Shanty Town” by Fog Lake

Shanty Town comes from his latest release ‘Victoria Park’ out now on Orchid Tapes (Alex G, Spencer Radcliffe, Foxes In Fiction).

​The music video was crafted by Fog Lake’s friend, Tyler T. Williams (Coma Cinema, Youth Lagoon, Timber Timbre).

The album itself highlights Fog Lake’s consistent growth as an artist. Leaping forward every release while not losing touch with his distinctive sound. He is currently back in his hometown of Glovertown, Newfoundland where he hasn’t lived since he was a teenager. He’s dropped everything to focus on his music and live a relatively isolated existence.

Tyler T. Williams explains his process: ​
“I first shot this video with one of my buddies as just a test for a new camera that I purchased, so it was never meant to be a music video or even seen since we just were improvising some stuff. Aaron sent me his new record and I just loved it. Every track was completely dreamy. One day I tried cutting the video I shot to one of the tracks and really dug the vibe, but I felt it was visually lacking in areas. I had an idea to try and incorporate some archival film to add to the atmosphere of the video so I searched Archive.org and found a goldmine from this families film reels. It just fell into place from there. “​


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