“Seven” Wu-Lu

"Seven" by Wu-Lu is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'
Wu-Lu "Seven"

UK artist Wu-Lu, recently dropped the single “Seven”. The track experiments with distorted guitars and drawn-out vocals, featuring Black Midi’s Morgan Simpson on the drums, as Wu-Lu claims new sonic territory in the UK hip-hop scene. Wu-Lu plays at The Windmill in Brixton, UK on 25th April, a day before the release of Save Us From Ourselves.

Along with the new single, Wu-Lu is announcing his forthcoming EP due April 26th. Titled S.U.F.O.S., which stands for Save Us From Ourselves, the new project builds on the multi-dimensional soundscapes of his 2018 EP N.A.I.S. (Not As It Seems). Serving as a member of London’s Touching Bass collective, Wu-Lu explores the threads that connect hip-hop, funk and jazz, incorporating the live instrumentation of artists like Giles Kwake Bass (Sampha, MF DOOM) and Morgan Simpson with his own production.

Second EP, Save Us From Ourselves (released on April 26), is the result of late nights spent delving into the wormhole of his own mind and guitar. Once again, he collaborates with long-term friend, Binisa Bonner, and in Morgan Simpson (drummer from highly acclaimed, math rock band Black Midi) he’s found a true musical soulmate. Thematically, it’s a reflection of where Wu-Lu sees himself and his people in 2019 London. Six tales tapping into racial injustice, black empowerment and self-exploration.

From Wu-Lu:

“The EP is about family in every sense of the word: blood family, spiritual family, extended family, your family. It’s the perception of my own experience and the young people who haven’t got a loud enough voice yet.”

Track List

1. Back 2 4
2. Seven
4. Flare
5. Rolling Egg


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