“Seraphim” By Anna Mieke

Seraphim by Anna Mieke is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
Seraphim by Anna Mieke is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Anna Mieke recently released “Seraphim,” a track off the Irish singer/songwriter’s forthcoming album Theatre, available November 18th, 2022, via Nettwerk. “While writing this song, I was listening to a lot of Juana Molina from Argentina. She has really interesting vocal rhythms going on,” explains Anna Mieke. “’Seraphim’ touches on loss, the ‘passing on’ of grief, and the different ways it’s expressed. But, for me, there’s something really uplifting about the song too, and having family and close friends in the video really means a lot.”

Theatre envelopes listeners in the warmth of Anna Mieke’s world, radiating with an intense heat that lies closer to the desert or the jungle than her hometown of Wicklow, Ireland. It’s the surreal soundtrack of a vast personal plain steeped in nostalgia, family, memory, death and dreaming—where gritty reality and romanticism meet. This duality is the thematic core of the album, but it’s ultimately more about sensation than theme. “Perhaps the music enables some form of dreamlike movement towards an imaginary place,” Anna Mieke says. “I’m just creating a sound world to escape to, built from moments in time. I hope it reminds someone else of their own experience…memories of youth infused with an intense warmth, like that childhood sensation of summer.”

With influences ranging from Talking Heads and The Mamas & the Papas to Orchestre Baobab, Nusrat Ali Khan, West African kora and traditional Brazilian dance, the album’s vivid soundscapes mirror Anna Mieke’s lush and adventurous upbringing. As a child, she cycled over The Pyrenees to Gibraltar, learned Maori songs while living in New Zealand (age 5) and, later, traditional songs in Bulgaria. “Climbing glaciers and an active volcano, trekking through jungles…I remember that otherworldly feeling, somewhere totally alien to all your senses,” she recalls of her time in New Zealand.

Anna Mieke 2022 Tour Dates

11/19/22 – Live At St. Luke’s – Cork, IE
11/20/22 – Roisin Dubh – Galway, IE
11/25/22 – Whelan’s – Dublin, IE
11/30/22 – Mill Hill Chapel – Leeds, UK
12/01/22 – Hug&Pint – Glasgow, UK
12/02/22 – Cumberland Arms – Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
12/04/22 – Stone Nest – London, UK
12/05/22 – Prachtwerk- Berlin, DE
12/06/22 – Nochtwache – Hamburg, DE
12/07/22 – Dieselstrasse – Esslingen Am Neckar, DE
12/08/22 – Die Anstoß e.V – Karlsruhe, DE
12/09/22 – Le Consulat – Paris, FR
12/10/22 – KulturA – Liège, BE
12/11/22 – Ievness Greenhouse Session – Brugge, BE

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